I'm Sam Cribbs

I am a Master of Engineering student studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Robotic and Autonomous Systems at the UC Berkeley.

I graduated from the University of Redlands in 2021, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Physics. My growing interest in the application of the physics concepts I had learned inspired me to pursue more computer science and mathematics courses, eventually earning minors in both. During my enrollment, I also desired to take up leadership positions and became president of my university’s physics club and Pi Mu Epsilon chapter. For my senior research project, I decided to explore a problem more closely oriented towards engineering and computer science than physics. I designed the software and hardware behind a microcontroller-based oscilloscope and function generator. This cemented my interests in not only learning more about system control and programming, but also my aspirations for a career in electrical or mechanical engineering.

This academic year at Berkeley I will be applying the full extension of my skill set during my capstone project: legged robotics research. I know with my well-rounded background and experience in physics, computer science, mathematics, engineering, and leadership, I would make a valuable addition to any engineering team.

You can find my résumé here.